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Dinosaur's Last Sunset

This painting was commissioned for the book COMET by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan. A dinosaur contemplates a spectacular shower of comets in the evening sky 65 million years ago, unaware that a comet was about to strike the Earth and wipe out most of the species alive, including the dinosaurs. The individual depicted had something like hands and a larger brain size for its body weight than most of its contemporaries. If the dinosaurs had not been rendered extinct, perhaps the dominant form of intelligent life on Earth today would have descended from such a creature.

This title is available as a Giclee print. Giclee prints are digitally produced art, printed on canvas or paper using archival quality materials for many years of fade-free enjoyment. Paper offers a smooth finish while canvas is textured to appear similar to an actual painting. All Giclee prints are signed and have a minimum 2" white border on all sides.

Giclee print options:

12" x 16" Paper
18" x 24" Paper
12" x 16" Canvas
18" x 24" Canvas

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