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'Titan' Giclee print by Jon Lomberg

Infinite Regression

A concept painting for Carl Sagan's COSMOS TV series, illustrating the idea that our Universe might be just an atom in some higher Universe. The series of nested Universes might be infinite. This scene shows a human emerging from a crystalline Universe into another. Neither is our own. Budget constraints forced us to drop the sequence. But this painting has become one of the most popular of the paintings I did for COSMOS in my role as Chief Artist.

This title is available as a Giclee print. Giclee prints are digitally produced art, printed on canvas or paper using archival quality materials for many years of fade-free enjoyment. Paper offers a smooth finish while canvas is textured to appear similar to an actual painting. All Giclee prints are signed and have a minimum 2" white border on all sides.

Giclee print options:

12" x 16" Paper
18" x 24" Paper
12" x 16" Canvas
18" x 24" Canvas

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